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Already rampant communal virus in India is gleefully piggy-back riding on coronavirus

The Jamaat is by no means the only body culpable of gross neglect and irresponsible conduct in the current crisis. But it must account for its own idiotic role in the escalation of the pandemic. Until the other day, not many outside the Muslim community had …

Saudi Arabia

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yemen war

Saudi Forces Torture, ‘Disappear’ Yemenis

Saudi military forces and Saudi-backed Yemeni forces have carried out serious abuses against Yemenis since June 2019 in al-Mahrah, Yemen’s far eastern governorate, Human Rights Watch said today. The abuses include arbitrary arrests, torture, enforced disappearances, and illegal transfer of detainees to Saudi Arabia. Saudi and …

Sri Lanka

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Appeal not to cremate Muslim Corona virus dead But to allow proper religious burial

The island’s Muslim community has appealed to the government to reconsider its decision to cremate Muslim corona virus dead but to allow burial according to their religious rites.Many pointed out that the living Muslims have their obligation towards the dead such as cleaning, clothing conducting special …

Reclaim Opportunity To Work Together

Gota Pardons Sunil: Why?

Middle East

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COVID-19: World Suffering Less from Coronavirus Crisis & More from an America Crisis

In the U.S., the abandonment of the poor and downtrodden to their fate has forged not a society worth living in, but a growing dystopia to be escaped, writes John Wight. In his 1948 classic novel “The Plague,” which tells the story of the fictional outbreak …

Coronavirus outbreak in the time of apartheid

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Myanmar: The Hidden Genocide | Al Jazeera

Gaza: Human Shields | Al Jazeera World

Is the world forgetting about Kashmir?

Rohingya crisis through the eyes of Al Jazeera's journalists


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காவிகள் பிடியில் காஷ்மீர் | Prof. Sundaravalli Detailed Speech on Kashmir

காஷ்மீரில் இனி என்ன நடக்கும் ? வரலாற்று உண்மைகள்- பழ.கருப்பையா

“நாய்க்கும் பேய்க்கும் MAJORITY வந்தால்? Pala. Karuppiah Interview

காஷ்மீர் விவகாரம் பற்றிய எனது UTV நேர்காணல்