My Udhayam TV Interview on Rohingya Crisis

mcsl logoThe Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) vehemently condemns the acts of state terrorism perpetrated by the Government of Myanmar against the innocent Rohingya people. Rohingya means "inhabitant of Rohang", which was the early Muslim name for Arakan, which is now renamed Rakhine. Rohingya scholars have claimed that Rakhine was previously a Muslim state for a millennium, or that Muslims were kingmakers of Rakhine kings for 350 years.

The Muslim Council also condemns the tacit military and logistical support provided by a Muslim Nation, Bangladesh.

It is believed that the Rohingya people originally migrated from the Bengal region of India, part of which has become the present day Bangladesh. Bangladesh has the responsibility to either provide them citizenship or ensure that Myanmar addresses their status as Burmese Muslims. Over a hundred thousand Rohingya people live in IDP camps.

In 1982, General Ne Win's Government enacted the Burmese Nationality Law, which denied Rohingya citizenship, rendering the majority of the Rohingya population stateless, similar to the plight of our plantation Tamil workers before the Sirima-Shastri Pact of 1964.

The Rohingya people, who have lived in Burma mainly in the Arakan region since the 17th Century has been persecuted by successive Burmese governments and thousands, have been executed.

It is clear that anti-Muslim propaganda has become part of regular nationalist discourse. There is ample evidence of increasing incitement of hatred and religious intolerance by ultra-nationalist Buddhists" against Rohingyas while the Burmese security forces have been conducting "summary executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and ill-treatment and forced labour against the community. International media and human rights organizations have often described Rohingyas as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. The Burmese Buddhist leader, Ashin Wirathu has been named the face of “Buddhist Terror”.

We call upon the Muslim communities around the world to remember the suffering Rohingya people in their Dua’s in the blessed day of Arafa.

We urge the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use all diplomatic channels to censure the Governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh and urge them to address the Rohingya people’s statelessness.

We call upon Muslim nations around Myanmar– ie Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Bangladesh, to take the lead in mobilizing the international community to intervene, stop the massacre of innocent children, women and men and find a lasting solution to the dilemma of being stateless, faced by the Rohingya people.

We also urge the United Nations to take urgent action to save the oppressed Rohingya people from further mass massacres through trade sanctions and armed intervention since calls for ceasing the unspeakable atrocities against them have been repeatedly ignored.

We urge the International Criminal Court to bring to justice Myanmar’s defacto Head of Government Aung San Suu Kyi and prosecute her for war crimes. Her government’s active role in the atrocities against the Rohingya people has been well documented and proven beyond any doubt.

We urge the Nobel Committee to immediately withdraw the Nobel Peace Award conferred on Aung Sang Suu Kyi since she has proven herself not to be a peacemaker but rather a warmonger, hell-bent on massacring harmless unarmed civilians. Her racism has been well documented during a BBC interview with Mishal Hussain when she responded, “I did not know a Muslim was going to interview me”, when Mishal asked her about the Rohingya Muslims.

Finally we urge the nations of the world to forthwith cease diplomatic relations with the Government of Myanmar till such time it takes legal action against the perpetrators of the atrocities beginning from top government officials to the military that still continues to kill innocent civilians with impunity.

N M Ameen


Muslim Council of Sri Lanka

August 31st 2017