Anti-Christ’s Terror-Packed Criminal Diplomacy

“The international political scene in a nutshell.”

This is how one would describe Junydin Mujaahid’s book, which sums up the prevailing chaotic international political scene and the role played by world leaders in causing misery to humanity.

Following the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1989, the United States emerged as the sole super-power with unprecedented military might in human history. People around the world hoped and prayed that the US, portraying itself as champion of democracy, freedom justice and human rights, would usher in a period of peace and harmony. They were disappointed.

As corporate conglomerates, these weapons industries, oil companies, banking and finance sectors, the media, Jewish lobbies and other such forces that rule the US and Europe, had their own agenda and the result was never-ending wars.

Simultaneously, America’s New World Order – globalization – has provided open license for Western multi-national corporations to loot the developing world, while bribery and corruption dealt the death blow to an established order.

The introduction of the American gangster culture eroded customs, traditions and family values that were centuries old. Internet access though on the one hand, a great blessing has, on the other, opened the floodgates for sexual anarchy and debated morals. Cherished human qualities such as honesty and integrity disappeared in its drive for quick money.

The engine of this so-called prosperity reshaped global markets and has turned the poor poorer and the rich richer, causing widespread discontentment across the globe. This may perhaps lead to a global revolution, while poverty has driven millions to prostitution for survival.

All these aspects are summarized in this book, which explains in detail where humanity has failed and suggests a means to save humanity from its current political, economic, social and cultural chaos, which, if not arrested now, is likely to devour humanity as a whole.

This book of poems, which deals with a wide variety of topics, is food for thought to all interested in peace, harmony and a better future for mankind.

Latheef Farook