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Israel’s military checkpoints are places made for its colonial violence

For Palestinians, Israel’s military checkpoints are made for its colonial violence and perpetual dehumanisation of the occupied population. In the latest grotesque spectacle of extrajudicial killing, Ahmed Erekat, a 27 year old Palestinian man and nephew of the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s Secretary General Saeb Erekat, was …

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The dismal record of the Riyadh-Abu Dhabi axis in the Arab world

Since the Arab Spring a decade ago, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have endorsed a counter-revolutionary posture almost everywhere and pursued adventurism – with poor results The Arab Spring of 2010-2011 led to political and geopolitical fractures. The political fractures concern the contesting of the various …

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International collusion with Israel is what real ‘political terrorism’ looks like

Israeli media outlets are trying to create a furore over a possible move by the Palestinian Authority to submit a resolution at the UN General Assembly condemning Israel’s annexation plan. “The solution to the conflict will come through direct negotiations in Jerusalem and not through political …

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