Is Modi Spreading Hindutva Fascism To Sri Lanka?

It appears Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, representing RSS Hindutva fascism, is spreading his hatred towards Sri Lankan Muslims. On the day the newly elected President Gotabaya Rajapaksa assumed office Mr Modi dispatched his Foreign Minister Subramanian Jaishanker to meet President Gotabaya. Writing about this in …

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babri lk advani

Babri Masjid Verdict—Muslims well aware of the RSS Agenda

Felt sad, sat forlorn after hearing the Ayodhya Babri mosque verdict. Tried distracting myself but couldn’t holding back all those memories connected to December 6, 1992 — the day the Babri mosque was destroyed in a seemingly well-planned and systematic way. Nostalgia tightening its hold. Spreading …

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100 Days and Counting: Glimpses of the Lockdown, Shutdown in Kashmir

Photographs taken over the past three months while reporting from different parts of Kashmir narrate their own story. A resident of Soura, Srinagar showing pellet wounds on his chest. Fearing arrest, he did not go to a hospital for treatment. Photo: Majid Maqbool The state-enforced siege …

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