Deception and barbarity : Twin faces of Indian policy on Kashmir

Kashmir , bleeding under Indian atrocities, has often been described as “Emerald set in Pearls”, “Jewel of Asia “ and “ Heaven on Earth”. These enchanting beauties provoked the famous Persian poet Urfi Shiraz to say that” if roasted fowl is brought to Kashmir not only shall it come to life, but shall be on its wings again”.

In his first visit to Kashmir, the founder of Mogul Empire, Emperor Zahiruddin Bahar said” if there is a paradise on earth, it is here”.

Such is the indescribable beauty of the snow clad mountains of Kashmir with all its delightful flower beds, luscious green forests, lakes and canals.
The British Empire which brought Kashmir under its control sold Kashmir to Raja Gulab Singh, a Hindu warlord of Dogra family in Jammu for Rs 7.5 million under the illegal 1846 Treaty of Amritsar.

Kashmiri Muslims opposed the sinister sale which placed them under forced Hindu ruler.
Kashmiris rose up. Their uprising was brutally crushed by the Maharaja with the support of the British. More than 200,000 Kashmiri Muslims were killed and around 300,000 fled to the Pakistani side of Kashmir.

Maharaja’s favorite past pastime was persecuting Muslims including skinning them alive. Unable to put up with Maharaja’s sadistic barbarity his Prime Minister Albion Bannerji, a Bengali Christian, resigned.

In a public statement he stated that Maharaja treated Muslims like dump driven cattle, press was nonexistent and the economic conditions were appalling”.

This situation continued until 1947 when during the partition of the Subcontinent the Hindu maharaja, once again fraudulently ceded Kashmir to India without consulting the Kashmiri people who fiercely resisted this move.

Since then years of political frustrations, political maneuverings of New Delhi, rigging of elections in 1987, and later in 1996, economic problems and poverty combined with many other factors led to 1989 uprising.

New Delhi responded by unleashing violence to silence the Kashmiri Muslims.

Indian armed forces, mostly Hindus with often hate filled mindset towards Muslims, were given free hand under numerous Indian draconian laws to arbitrarily arrest, indefinitely detain under inhuman conditions, brutally torture and kill Kashmiri Muslims whose only crime was their demand for freedom and justice.

Raping women have been an integral part of the atrocities committed by the Indian armed forces since early 1990. Here are some of the comments by leading human rights organizations and independent columnist.

“Central and state authorities have done little to stop the widespread practice of rape by Indian armed forces in Kashmir. Indeed, when confronted with the evidence of rape, time and again the authorities have attempted to impugn the integrity of the witnesses, discredit the testimony of physicians or simply deny the charges everything except order a full inquiry and prosecute those responsible for rape”. (Asia Watch and Physicians for Human Rights, May 09, 1993)

“Since January 1990, rape by Indian occupation forces has become more frequent. Rape most often occurs during crackdowns, cordon and search operations during which men are held for identification in parks or schoolyards while security forces search their homes. In raping them, the security forces are attempting to punish and humiliate the entire community.” (‘Pain in Kashmir: A Crime of War’ issued jointly by Asia Watch and Physicians for Human Rights, May 09, 1993)

“By banning TV cameras and prohibiting the presence in Kashmir of the International Red Cross and of human rights organization, the Indian authorities have tried to keep Kashmir out of the news.”(`Kashmiri crisis at the flash point’, The Washington Times, by columnist Cord Meyer, April 23, 1993)

“(On February 23, 1991), at least 23 women were reportedly raped in their homes at gunpoint (at Kunan Poshpora in Kashmir). Some are said to have been gang-raped, others to have been raped in front of their children … The youngest victim was a girl of 13 named Misra, the oldest victim, name Jana, was aged 80”.(Amnesty International, March 1992)

“The most common torture were severe beatings, sometimes while the victim is hung upside down, and electric shocks. People have also been crushed with heavy rollers, burned, stabbed with sharp instruments, and had objects such as chilies or thick sticks forced into their rectums. Sexual mutilation has been reported”.
(Amnesty International, March 1992)

“The worst outrages by the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) have been frequent gang rapes of all women in Muslim villages, followed by the execution of the men”.
(Eric Margolis, The Ottawa Citizen, December 8, 1991)

“While army troops dragged men from their homes for questioning in the border town of Kunan Pushpura, scores of women say they were raped by soldiers….a pregnant Kashmiri woman, who was raped and kicked, gave birth to a son with a broken arm.”
(Melinda Liuin, Newsweek, June 24, 1991)
[Anthony Wood and Ron MaCullagh of the Sunday Observer (June 02, 1992) estimated that over 500 Indian army men were involved in this orgy of rape and plunder in Kunan Pushpura.]

“The security forces have entered hospitals, beaten patients, hit doctors, entered operating theaters and smashed instruments. Ambulances have been attacked, curfew passes are confiscated.”(Asia Watch, May 1991)

“Subjugated, humiliated, tortured and killed by Indian army, the people of Kashmir have been living through sheer hell.

India hides behind its carefully-crafted image of “non-violence” and presents itself in international forums as a model of democracy and Pluralism. Yet, it is unable to stand up the scrutiny of even its admirers. All journalists, especially television crews, were expelled from the Valley. With no intrusive cameras to record the brutalities of the Indian forces, the world has been kept largely in the dark.” (The Toronto Star, January 25, 1991)

“Young girls were now being raped systematically by entire (Indian) army units rather than by a single soldier as before. Girls are taken to soldier’s camps and held naked in their tents for days on end. Many never return home….Women are strung up naked from trees and their breast lacerated with knives, as the (Indian) soldiers tell them that their breast will never give milk again to a newborn militant. Women are raped in front of their husbands and children, or paraded naked through villages and beaten on the breasts.”
(The Independent, September 18, 1990)

Highlighting the atrocities the Weekend Guardian of London reported on 4 August 1991 that” after a visit to Kashmir in 1991, late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi said at a press conference in New Delhi that” the brutalities of the Indian army and the Central Reserve Police meant that India may have lost Kashmir”.

Up to the abolition of Article 370 and the annexation of Kashmir on 5 August 2019, governments in New Delhi were not bothered about Kashmir as they do not want to antagonize the Hindutva fanatics. They vow to keep Kashmir within India but allowed to bleed and rot.

Muslim countries ruled by rotten rulers have no time for Kashmir as they are busy selling themselves to ensure the safety of their own regimes.

The so called international community (United States Britain and France) busy demonizing Islam, invading and destroying Muslim countries and killing and maiming Muslims too has no time for Kashmiris.

The United Nations, the tool of US, UK and France to legalize their wars, too has no time for Kashmiri Muslims.

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on 24 January 1957 stating that; the final disposition of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.

All UN resolutions on Kashmir have been gathering dusts in the UN shelves.

At a prayer meeting on 26 October 1947 Mahatma Gandhi told; “If the people of Kashmir are in favor of opting for Pakistan, no power on earth can stop them from doing so. They should be left to decide for themselves”.

However it is not the India of Mahathma Gandhi’s Ahimsa today.

Today’s India is the India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who burnt and roasted innocent Muslim men, women, children and the aged in Gujarat in February 2002. His thugs raped and gang raped Muslim women and girls before killing them. Some even used swords to mutilate female organs of girls and women.

Thus Kashmiri Muslims sufferings bound to continue with the world turning blind eye. This became worse since India established close ties with Israel .The two are bonded together by their common hatred towards Muslims and Israel has been helping Indian troops on modern techniques to suppress Kashmiris.

Now that Kashmir has been illegally annexed, Israeli backed Indian barbarity is bound to intensify threatening to destabilize the region and beyond.