How a Billionaires money silences Presidents, Prime Ministers and Law & Order

Facts reported widely not just locally but internationally make it infinitely clear that the garbage imported from the UK by a local company is a serious violation of the laws of Sri Lanka.

Just on the face of it, over 13 Laws, regulations and statutes have been violated.

Following media reports the Central Environmental Authority and The Customs of Sri Lanka came out forcefully revealing the name of the company responsible; Hayley’s Plc, led by the Billionaire businessman, Dhammika Perera.

2 other names were also revealed; the freight forwarder and a trader. However it was the consignee that stoked public interest. Under Sri Lankan law, the goods imported and housed within a Bonded warehouse belongs to the consignee

Hayley’s Plc prides itself on being a 1 billion dollar company.

And company that has won the ‘Best Responsible Corporate Citizen’ Award 6 years running, casting massive shadow on the credibility of these awards as well.

What has been revealed over the past few weeks is nothing short of the shocking truth behind criminal activity conducted under the direct purview and supervision of this company.

On the face of it, importing and storing hundreds of containers containing hazardous waste that includes human remains, is a crime that would grab headlines anywhere in the world.

But in Sri Lanka the company is allowed to conduct its operations as if nothing has happened. Despite having extremely strong Corporate and environmental Laws, and a powerful Penal Code, the Director’s continue to roam freely and even the police say they have not begin an investigation on the matter.

The Sri Lankan public look on nonplussed as every media channel in the country bar none, and all major International media networks continuously expose this unbelievable example of corporate greed.

What a billion dollar company was doing importing containers of human remains, is a mystery.

Allegations and suspicions of money laundering must be investigated.

But this is Sri Lanka. In 2015 when the treasury bond scandal was reported in the media it was dubbed “a witch hunt”. It took over a year for the public and the authorities to understand the enormity of the theft of public savings through the EPF.

Today even a child in a village in Sri Lanka would know that how politicians stole their savings.

In this instance, extremely hazardous waste material has been imported to Sri Lanka, left unchecked probably for years and has been exposed to the elements.

With deadly viruses such as ebola wiping out thousands if not millions, exposing this small Island to this risk is seen as nothing but heartless and has angered every citizen.

Unless justice is done and also seen to be done in this instance, and those responsible arrested and pay the price for their crime, massive public uprising against despondency and helplessness in the face of a weak and useless system of maintaining law and order cannot be avoided.

Ultimately, what must be said is simple: Hayleys, shame on you.

Dhammika micro manages his companies. This is a master short sighted strategy with nominee fronts for money laundering.

See Prevention of Money Laundering Act No 5 of 2006 and Financial Transactions Reporting Act No 6 of 2006. These are not exempted for BOI companies. These are investigated into by Central Bank, who are silent, with responsibities of Commercial Banks.

No No Dhammika would not go so low for such shitty business, unless huge money racket! Foreign ‘Exporter’ pays for collecting this garbage and Sri Lanka ‘Importer’ would remit foreign exchange for Containers imported. All these monies are stashed abroad! Garbage is only a cover up.

Why the media and Central Bank did not expose this reality only reveals knowledge weakness of the media. Penal Code also comes into play.

Central Environmental Authority Act No 47 of 1980 is also not exempted for BOI companies.

BOI Companies have to submit Accounts to BOI and the Inland Revenue Department. They should investigate.

Using nominee fronts is child’s knowledge. Statements should be recorded from Dhammika, Mohan and the Directors of Hayleys as this is 94 % subsidiary of Hayleys.

One does not have to be a named Director of a Company but is a Director if Company acts as per his instructions as per Companies Act No 7 of 2007. The nominee Companies and their Directors should be questioned and transactions investigated.

It was well known that the Godfather of the Stock Mafia in 2011/12 was him, doing deals through others and got 2 SEC bosses removed.

Shit is now revealed to have come from France in addition to UK !!!

Sri Lanka is being promoted as a Tourist paradise by the Government to generate employment and *earn valuable foreign exchange. With this dumping of overseas garbage and waste including hospital and human body parts, this is a dangerous health hazard of imported unknown bacterial germs and viruses leading to possible health epidemics in Sri Lanka. To control Dengue epidemic and prevent mosquito breeding even house holders are taken before the Magistrates Courts if any little garbage is not cleared in their private home gardens. Is Law enforce only against small people ?

This would be a dangerous environment for Tourists to visit Sri Lanka and would harm the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka killing the tourists promotion campaigns. Stern and immediate action should be taken immediately against those who profess to be leading businesses and businessmen in Sri Lanka, with the awards.

Rathupaswala water crisis and the tragic death of protesting villagers by shooting whilst the villagers were only wanting the water stolen from them. More information click here.

Investigations reveal that Kelani Valley Plantations Blinkbonnie Estate of Hayleys Teas is extracting concentrated Tea with modern equipment for exporting such tea extracts using the water of the villagers starving them of water and more dangerously releasing untreated affluents dangerous to human health into the waterways.

What is the UK Ambassador and French Ambassador in Sri Lanka doing about these scavenging dumping in Sri Lanka when they are concerned about political affairs ? Should they not take immediate action to have this dangerous problem resolved as they promote environmental protection and human rights ?