Human right Violations in Kashmir: The World Can’t Ignore

Kashmir is under brutal lockdown for last 60 days by Fascist Modi regime. Kashmir valley has no communication links with rest of the world. Phone and internet service is downed and the valley has no road rail and air links with other places in India. The situation emerged when the Indian government revoked the special status accorded to Indian Occupied Kashmir in its constitution. In order to deal with the consequences India sent thousand of additional troops to the disputed region, imposed a crippling curfew and arrested Kashmiri political elite. India is neither permitting journalists nor independent observers to enter in the valley, not even leaders of the opposition including Rahul Gandhi. Kashmiris are not permitted to come out to perform their ritual activities. Form Eid-ul-Azha prayers to Ashura Jaloos no body is allowed to perform their religious duties.

Along with it, food, medicine and items of life sustenance are not available. School, colleges and universities are closed and doctors are available in the hospitals. Over 15,000 Kashmiris have been arrested and Kashmir has run short of prison space so according to information, around 12,000 arrested Kashmiris have been shifted to jails of New Delhi, Agra and Bhopal.

Human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Kashmir are at peak. The abuses range from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech. The Indian Army, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Border Security Personnel (BSF) and other Hindu violent groups have been accused in severe human rights abuses against Kashmiri civilians. According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International since 1989 more than 100,000 Kashmiris have been reported to be killed by Indian security forces in custody, extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances and these human right violations are to be carried out by Indian Security Forces under total impunity.

Another horrific report has been published by the US based human rights organization ‘Genocide Watch’ which had revealed and alerted the world that there are signs of early stages of the genocide process in the India-Occupied Kashmir. This organization has mandated itself “to build an international movement to predict, prevent, stop and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder.” According to this organization, India has taken extreme steps of revoking Article 370 and 35-A which indicate that it can undertake killing of Kashmiris protesting against these illegal acts of India. The alert has been supported by many proofs and strong apprehensions, Indian Army and paramilitary forces have undertaken in the Indian Occupied Kashmir so far.

It is quite lamentable and sorrowful that the world generally remains insensitive on these massive human right abuses by occupied Indian Forces. This mysterious silence of international community over the unprecedented human rights violations in occupied Kashmir put a question mark over the fairness, neutrality and indisputability of the global civilized society. The worst part of this inconsiderateness is that Muslims of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir are the real target of Indian brutality and Muslims of the Arab world are decorating the Indian Prime Minister who is known as the butcher of Gujrat.

Regarding above mentioned situation, on 30th of Agust 2019, PM Imran Khan wrote an article in New York Times under the title of “The World Can’t Ignore Kashmir. We Are All in Danger”. In the article Imran Khan categorically narrated that in Modi’s so-called new India Muslims and other minorities are under serious threat. He wrote that “Thousands of Kashmiris have been arrested and thrown into prisons across India. A blood bath is feared in Kashmir when the curfew is lifted. Already, Kashmiris coming out in defiance of the curfew are being shot and killed.” Along with it, expressing his concerns to the world PM Khan categorically said that “If the world does nothing to stop the Indian assault on Kashmir and its people, there will be consequences for the whole world as two nuclear-armed states get ever closer to a direct military confrontation.”

Without the shadow of doubt India is crossing all the limits of brutality in Kashmir. Along with it, India is threatening Pakistan to nuke if it highlighted Kashmir issue. Today it is the dire need of hour that the world must take actions against India over the atrocities in Kashmir. We should take Kashmir situation as a humanitarian crisis where humanity is suffering at large.