Indian Police arrested Minor boys & ask “Will your ALLAH come to save you” from us?

rohingya musl

Astagfirullah, there is an ongoing protest in India countrywide against the CAA and NRC act recently passed by the Government of India, the people from all the religious sects are protesting against this act because it violates the very fundamental structure of the Indian Constitution, we have told you about this discriminatory act many times through our articles but for your understanding, we are again glad to tell you that why major numbers of Muslims are protesting against this law because this law is willing to give INDIAN nationality to all the religious persecuted people from neighboring Indian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, but from these countries, only non-muslims will take advantage of this law, this act will not provide nationality to the Muslims although Muslims who are living in India from many decades and their forefathers have sacrificed their lives in India’s freedom struggle have to provide proof of evidence that they are Indian, otherwise, they will be sent to detention centers.

Although around 40 Muslims have been killed so far by the forces and thousands are detained in which some minor Muslim boys were also arrested by the Police, they have been tortured so inhumanly that they are still scared of people in the police uniform, one of them was 14 years old he told in an interview that they burned my hand, put iron hot rods on my body and were beating those people who were in “Kurta Pajama” Muslims traditional Asian dresses,
when the spokesperson asked what the police were saying while beating you he said ‘they were abusing all the time while beating and asking Will you Allah come to save you, also they were asking for saying to praise their God”

The boy was 14 and was coming from offering Salah and coming home, in meanwhile police detained him and beat him ruthlessly, he said “the police was giving such abuses that were intolerable like sister and mother abuses”

The family is still in shock, the boy was detained to Bareilly and also said the police beat him for about half an hour continuously just for being Muslim, the boy was from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, he further said that police was ready to throw me into the fire but two cops stop them.

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