Israeli savagery continues relentless in Gaza

Champions of human rights in US and Europe   remain silent as usual

Arab tyrants, including so called guardian of Holy mosques in Makka and Madina,   abandoned Palestinians and Islam.

Once again Israeli savages have unleashed their traditional barbarity and war crimes on the helpless and harmless Palestinians in Gaza.

So-called champions of human rights in Washington, London, Paris, Moscow who sold their souls to the Zionist mafia for their political survival remain silent as they had done for almost century a century. It is with their open and secret support Zionist Jews have been displaying their inherent savagery on Palestinians.

Arab tyrants, including Saudi –Abu Dhabi and other Gulf sheikhs who sold their souls and dignity abandoned the Palestinians, Islam and humanity to please their Zionist –US-European masters to safeguard their oppressive regimes.

This is today world of US-Europe and their shameless and heartless Arab stooges.

Muslims and human rights organizations worldwide turn blind eyes,

Thus the slaughter of Palestinians continues in Gaza. There is no end to Palestinian sufferings. They can only raise their hands towards the creator.

The pictures below speak for the Zionist war crimes.

Israeli barbarity in Gaza and people’s protest

Abandoned by Arab tyrants Palestinians slaughtered by Israel