Muslim indifference to Hezbollah’s detention

Watch out-You could be next?

The callous and disgusting indifference of Muslims to the detention of lawyer Hejaz Hisbullah demonstrates the political bankruptcy of the community. Hisbulla has been in the forefront in defending the rights of victims due to anti-Muslim violence which began since the defeat of LTTE in 2009.

Where are Muslim lawyers, professionals, businessmen, sell out politicians and even the controversial and half-baked muftis who, instead of emphasising on burial in keeping with Islamic traditions, justified cremation of Muslims COVID-19 victims to please his political masters?

Other than Lawyer Javid Yusuf who raised the issue in the Sunday Times of May 3, 2020 calling upon the BASL to ensure Hisbullah’s rights are protected the community has largely remained silent. The article can be accessed via the link: – Your favorite newspapers and magazines.

According to reports detention of Hisbulla was in connection with the Easter Sunday massacre- exploited, as planned, to demonize and destroy the island’s Muslim community.

Now the question is why Hisbullah was detained a year later.

The only person who need to be questioned in this regard is former president Maithripala Sirisena for his failure to prevent the tragedy even after getting information two weeks ahead.

However in today’s corrupt, criminalised and commercialised political environment, Muslims failure to ensure justice is done to Hisbulla stinks high heaven and shows the overall helplessness of the sinking Muslim community.

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