brave palestMassive rallies and Facebook campaigns calling for Palestinian genocide are ignored by Western mainstream media and Facebook despite concerns and collaborations aimed at stopping “calls to violence”.

Since last October, the Israeli government has accused Palestinians and their allies of “inciting violence” against Israelis, despite the fact that only 34 Israelis have died in that time frame compared to 230 Palestinians.

Marwan BarghoutiOn April 17, 1500 Palestinian political prisoners, led by Fatah leader, Marwan Barghouti, who has been held in an Israeli prison since 2002, began a mass hunger strike, the Freedom and Dignity Strike, to protest prison conditions for the more than 6300 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Three hundred of them have been in prison for decades. In an op-ed in the New York Times Barghouti stated that the prisoners have been subject to torture, inhumane and degrading treatment and medical negligence and that 200 of the prisoners have died as a result of this treatment since 1967.

free palestineZionism in the age of Trump: it is becoming increasingly clear to more people that the Israeli state’s officially defined ideology is, at its very core, an anti-Jewish one. It sounds counter-intuitive. How can the “Jewish State” or the Zionist movement be anti-Semitic? But several of US President Donald Trump’s appointments have made it clearer than ever. He leads the most pro-Israel US administration in history, even while appointing key figures with anti-Semitic ties as his most important advisers.

Deir YassinIt was 9 April 1948 .Only weeks before the British Mandatory Authority ended in Palestine which was later turned into Israel.  Jewish terror gangs   Irgun, Hagana and Stern went on   killing spree to drive out Palestinians and grab their lands.

Located in the outskirts of Jerusalem, Deir Yassin was a peaceful Palestinian village where    Irgun, led by Menachem Begin who later became Prime Minister of Israel, massacred the entire population of 254 men, women, children and the aged between 9 and 11 April 1948.

gaza destructThe 30 per cent reduction in the salaries of Palestinian Authority (PA) employees who stayed in Gaza and left their jobs following instructions from President Mahmoud Abbas and his then head of government Salam Fayyad is not only an action that can be changed or revised. It is clear that it was actually a prelude to other measures that will be stricter and more painful and will affect various services and citizens, especially that the successive reconciliation governments have so far failed to solve the problems of other employees hired by the Hamas government in Gaza to replace their colleagues who stayed home, following the orders of Abbas.