Sara Netanyahu received precious jewels worth $ 10 million from King of Saudi Arabia

ksa Prince isra

In an interview with the Gulf today, Reema bint Bandar , a Saudi Arabian princess and the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States claimed that King Salman had done something unexpected to impose political control four years ago.

It is believed that these things included the expansion of relations with European countries and politicians of the United States of America to protect King Salman from his relatives and keep him in power .Also Reema bint Bandar claims that King of Saudi Arabia gave precious jewels worth $ 10 million to Sara Netanyahu as gift.

Rima concluded that, for protection, King Salman offered precious jewels worth $ 10 million and a small yacht in the Red Sea as a gift to Sarah Netanyahu.

She also said that the king made pledges to recognize the state of the Zionist enemy and officially reopen official relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia

In return, Sarah Netanyahu pledged to protect the king to stay in power as long as her husband Benjamin, prime minister of Israel.

After Princess Rima revealed these secrets and given the black file on corruption issues for the Netanyahu family, things could be complicated by Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli elections come close