Saudi led Arab tyrants handed over Jerusalem in silver platter

by Latheef Farook

American President Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, soon after his  visit to Saudi Arabia where he snatched a  $ 350 billion weapons contract and a $ 1.2 billion gift,is not a surprise. In the United States    politicians including presidents , under strong Evangelical Christian influence, are made and unmade by  Zionist Jewish lobbies .Thus the inevitable smell of crusade.

As reports  now emerge  that arrogant megalomaniac and billionaire bigot  Trump’s   decision on Jerusalem  was  given greenlight  by Saudi  maverick Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, MBS- darling of the  West destablising the Middle East, in favourof Israel.  Decades of Saudi-US-Israeli  manipulations and conspiracies produced today’s ruthless tyrants  to serve US and Israel for their own political survival.

MBS was joined by the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed,MBZ, the most imporant US-Israeli hit man   waging wars against Islam and Muslims today .The two were backed by their Egyptian stooge Abdel Fattah Al sisi ,  installed in power by Saudi-Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, after toppling the first ever democratically elected Islamically  oriented President Mohamed Al Morsy’s government  investing $ 11 billion .

 Displaying their traditional hypocrizy  these tyrants sumoned a meeting of  moriband  Arab League to condemn  Trump’s decision  only to hoodwink their people.

Though projected as  guardian of Islam Saudi treachery against Islam began as early as last century .Britain and Zionist Jews decided during the second half of 19th century to set up a Jewish state in Palestine when Middle East and North Africa were under Turkey’s Ottoman rule.

Britain bribed most Arab rulers to support them against Turkey promising freedom for Palestine. The Arab rulers trusted Britain. Turkey was defeated during World War 1 and Britain and France divided MENA region into nation states and installed puppets in power to do their dirty works. Instead of freedom Britain dismissed Palestinians and created Israel in Palestine with Jews brought from East Europe.

The two, Britain and Zionists, selected tribal leader Ibn Saud who, according to some reports were descendants of a Jewish tribe,   and signed an agreement in 1916 under which Ibn Saud supported Britain against Ottoman Sultan during World War 1. Eight years later when Sheriff Hussein, Ottoman governor in Makkah and Madina, declared caliphate in Makkah, Britain and Zionists armed and financed Ibn Saud to attack Sheriff Hussein and take control over Makkah and Medina. Thus Ibn Saud’s loyalty to Britain and Zionists.

Since then Ibn Saud family collaborated with all US, UK, French, European and Zionist conspiracies to destabilize the region .They showed to Muslims one face as guardians of Islam while ruthlessly implemented all US-European evil designs on Middle East.

Reports now emerge that it was on the insigation of late King Feisal that Israel  waged the June 1967 war on Egypt,Syria and Jordan  and brought Sinai,Gaza,West Bank,Golan Heights and Jerusalem under its control .

According to a historical 1966 letter to then US President  Lyndon B Johnson, released on 1 December 2017 through Al Motamar net news website, late Yemeni President Abdullah Ali Saleh had said that ; “King Faisal’s letter stated that Egyptian forces would not withdraw from Yemen unless Israel moved to occupy Gaza, Sinai and the West Bank.  Saudi monarch stressed the need for the US to support Israel to carry out a swift operation against Egypt by which it would control vital areas in the country — the Sinai Peninsula — not only forcing the government in Cairo to withdraw its forces from Yemen, but also to distract Egypt with Israel for as long as possible. King Faisal also suggested that the Gaza Strip under Egyptian control should be seized immediately, and believed that it was important to take control of the West Bank from Jordan in order for the Palestinians to lose hope of having control of any land administered by an Arab government”.

Dismissing all legal and moral principles then US President Harry Truman forced third world countries to vote for the 29 November 1947 United Nations resolution which created Israel in Palestine in the same way Trump    illegally declared Jerusalem as the capital of illegal, immoral and cruel entity of Israel.

Saudi’s have done tremendous damage to Islam during the past several decades by trying to distort Islam   to promote their own version of Islam, Wahabism, at billions of cost. In the process they divided and weakened Muslim communities worldwide. They bribed and corrupted religious scholars to promote Wahabism which is dismissed today as extremist version by MBS.

Within the country Saudi regime, destroyed more than 350 places of great Islamic heritage .This was something even the worst of enemies of Islam failed to do.

Saudi’s   rulers, most oppressive and brutal in this planet, always become alarmed at the rise of Islam.  For example in 1979 Ayatollah   Khomeini brought about Islamic revolution in Iran. Alarmed Saudis, got together with Zionists and the US-European collaborators and put forward then Iraqi President Saddam to attack Iran. The war continued for eight years, destroyed the two countries, and killed more than a million while western weapons industries flourished. Saudi’s lavishly funded Saddam Hussein.

The war ended in 1988 with Iraq emerging triumphant. However Israel which wanted to destroy battle hardened Iraqi armed forces got US President George Bush to trick Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and precipitated the Kuwaiti Crisis in August 1990.Arab tyrants were bribed by US and forced to join the  war  and ,in the process, gullible  Gulf sheikhs  were brought under US-Israeli control.

 Under the guise of liberating Kuwait, US led war mongers   destroyed Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. George Bush urged Iraqis to rise up against Saddam Hussein. They did rise only to be slaughtered by American helicopters. The irony is that war mongers got Gulf States to foot the bill for the war and Saudi Arabia alone spent $ 55 billion.

Israel and US- European weapons industries flourished.

Since then Saudis participated in all US-European -Israeli   wars which   turned Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and now Yemen into killing fields. They destroyed Muslim societies and driven   millions of people into refugee camps. Those escaped to Europe were subjected to horrendous sexual abuse and torture. In its latest war crimes Saudis bombed and killed around 19,000 Yemenis and turned that poverty stricken country into a wasteland where people continue to suffer in abject poverty while deadly cholera began taking its toll.

 In this ongoing crime   Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed has emerged as the most important Israeli hit man .Today Israel is looking after UAE security. MBS also played a crucial role to topple Morsi’s government in Egypt and the bombing of Yemen.

Successive Saudi regimes never allowed democracy to rise its head as they had done in Algeria, Egypt and in the occupied Palestinian territories in Gaza and West Bank in 2006.

It was Saudi tyrants together with disgraced Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, bribed and pressurized Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, leader Yasser Arafat, to recognize Israel and end its isolation in return for a   peace treaty which ended up in the liquidation of Palestinian freedom struggle.  PLO which came to liberate Palestine, ended up as Zionist tool, ruthlessly crushed and neutralized Palestinian freedom struggle which is in disarray today while Chairman Mahmud Abba and his Palestine Authority are accused of selling out Palestinians and of wide spread corruption.

Arafat was imprisoned in his own house and reported killed by Israelis.

As a result   Israel consolidated its hold on occupied West Bank, settled more than 700,000 Jews in occupied Palestine territories and weakened Palestinians.

 Thus the Saudi-Abu Dhabi collusion with Zionist and their US European   war mongers were solely responsible for turning peaceful Middle East into a killing field. This created the conducive atmosphere for Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Saudi’s sent a low level delegation to the special summit of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation summoned by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul on Wednesday 13 December 2017 which  produced the strongest response yet to   Trump’s decision on Jerusalem’s status. MBS together with Egypt’s Sisi tried to block Mahmud Abbas and Jordanian king Abdulla from attending Istanbul summit.

This is the shameful and disgusting state of affairs in the Middle East. The situation as a whole is such that Arab tyrants, including those in Saudi and Abu Dhabi, are ruled from Tel Aviv and Washington. As pointed out by Jewish columnist Gideon Levy Arab tyrants are divided as they had always been and never known to have taken any initiative to assert their dignity and rights. They only respond with verbal condemnation.

Trump destroyed an opportunity for a peaceful solution acceptable to Muslims, Jews and Christian. With the occupation of Masjid Al Aqsa the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim struggle against Zionist occupation is likely to continue for generation.

Mood of the people in the region resembles a volcano about to erupt.  Indications are that together with Nile, Tigris and Euphrates rivers of Palestinian and Arab blood are likely to flow   unless the   Arab tyrants, especially Saudi tyranny, were removed and the people were freed before they think of freeing themselves from Zionist cruelty and oppression.

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