Trump SaudiUnited States, the most powerful super power in the known history of mankind, is ruled by small minority of Jews and Jewish lobbies who make and unmake governments which blindly support Israel. This has been the reality since US blackmailed the United Nations to establish the evil and cruel entity of Israel in Palestine.

Newly elected president Donald Trump who detest Islam and Muslims is no exception. He is notorious for his fanatic hatred towards Islam and Muslims and his blind support to Israel- to continue its occupation and atrocities. 

One of his first measures as president was to ban entry to US, people from seven majority-Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen causing havoc at US airports where Muslims were subjected to severe harassments. There were also widespread attacks on Muslims and the entire Muslim community in US live in an atmosphere of fear today. In keeping with the tradition of US presidents he also bombed and slaughtered innocent Muslims in Syria and Afghans.

By all means he is a sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims and a shameful servant of Zionism. He should never have been allowed set foot in the land of Islam ruled by Great Caliphs like Omar Ibn Al Kattab.

However Trump’s first official visit was to Saudi Arabia where, in one of the most humiliating chapters in Muslim history, he was a given red carpet welcome and honored with the top civilian honor by the head chopper king Salman who claims that he is the guardian of the two Holy Shrines in Makkah and Madinah.

The reality is that he cannot be in power for a day without the support of US and Israel-architects of modern crusade against Muslims under the guise of fighting a war on terror. 

Other than kissing the feet of the imam of Crusaders Donald Trump, Salman and his war mongering son Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense who has more than 15,000 Yemenis Muslims’ blood and misery, had done everything to please Trump. 

Trump visited Saudi Arabia to plunder their wealth to promote business for US weapons industry, contracts for US corporate conglomerates, get Gulf sheikhs to formalize their secret relations with Israel, form a Saudi led NATO type military bloc of Gulf countries and other stooges in the region such as in Egypt and Jordan to prepare them, perhaps, to trigger an Arab-Iran war to destroy the region for generations to come.

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During his two day visit Trump attended signing ceremony of defense and business agreements, including a much-vaunted arms deal worth some $110 billion effective immediately and another military agreement worth $350 billion over the next 10 years. Saudi Aramco signed $50bn worth of energy-related agreements with 13 US companies besides agreements and economic deals worth 280 billion dollars.

The question is what is the use of these sophisticated weapons to Saudi Arabia and whose money is this? Isn’t this peoples’ wealth?  In fact Saudis have robbed the nation and invested more than around 800 billion dollar in US?  Isn’t investing on weapons blood money given in return for American protection?

The question being asked by Saudis is: “How in God’s name can you shower so much money on the Americans when you are so reluctant to do so on your own people?” The official unemployment rate is 12 percent, and the real one is much higher. 

However they care a damn about their people, Islam and wider Muslim world. They are only interested in the protection of their family, their power and their wealth and comforts.

Saudi  rulers ,installed in power by Zionists and Britain in the aftermath of the World War 1 , has become  integral part of US-Israeli  war machine bombing and destroying Muslim countries and slaughtering innocent Muslims in the Middle East such as Iraq, Syria ,Afghanistan ,Libya and now Yemen-the poverty stricken country which has been turned into a graveyard by  US-Israeli backed Saudi  bombing.

Saudi funded all these US-Israeli wars on Muslims.

The overall deal was described as the “cornerstone” of the proposal encouraging Gulf sheikhs to form their own military alliance like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)   dubbed “Arab Nato."  Trump proposed this as a template for an alliance that will keep Iran in check.

To hoodwink the world Saudis have internationalized the event.

Trump’s visit coincided with three key summits-GCC-US Summit, Arab - American Summit, and the inauguration of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology as well as several business activities, cultural, intellectual and sports celebrations.

The grandiose reception was to convince Trump that his priorities are theirs, too, and that they are indispensable partners in confronting Iran, in bolstering American businesses and perhaps even in pursuing peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

It is common knowledge that under pressure from US, Saudi and other Gulf Sheikhs   established secret relations with Israel .Now Gulf States offer to normalize Israel ties only in exchange for partial, not complete, settlement freeze. 

trump israel

Columnist David Hearst pointed out that a Saudi prince needs three sources of power to become king. In order of importance, they are the United States, the royal family, and the Saudi people, although the latter come a distant third in any calculation. The aim, however, is simple: to prepare the Sunni Muslims of the Middle East for war against the Shia Muslims. 

This has been the case for every Saudi king since 14 February 1945 when Franklin D Roosevelt met the kingdom’s founder, King Abdul Aziz on a US destroyer in the waters of Egypt’s Great Bitter Lake.

However Trump and Salman have conveniently forgotten the Palestinian issue which remains the main burning issue for more than three quarter century in the Middle East.

Indications are that the region is heading towards an unprecedented catastrophe. This is the disgusting and shameful state of affairs of Muslim Middle East ruled by US-Israeli stooges. Ends