salman trumpExposes Saudi tyrants’ disrespect to Islam to please westerners

By Latheef Farook

Plans by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, heir to the throne and a United States-Israeli stooge, to open a luxury beach resort where women can sun bathe wearing bikinis sent shock waves all over. The Red Sea resort will be across 125 miles of coastline and 50 reef-fringed untouched natural islands of a lagoon steeped in nature and culture.

This country, birthplace of Islam and the site of two most important holy cities, Makkah and Madinah, has been interwoven with the history of Islam.

Thus, it has been dear to the hearts of Muslims worldwide, who look up to rulers of this land for leadership, guidance and spreading the message of Islam.

As such one cannot even think of a resort allowing women to wear bikini to promote degenerated western culture. I thought the plan could provoke negative response at least outside Middle East. However, I was disappointed. That is the sickening of Muslims worldwide today.

At first, I thought the report was yet another canard by the western media against Islam and Muslims. However, within hours one after the other international news agencies began providing details of the planned resort.

Added to these reports Saudi Public Investment Fund, PIF, of which Mohammed bin Salman is the chairman, announced that it will finance the project which will be completed by 2022. Most foreigners will be able to fly straight into the tourism zone without visa.   According to PIF announcement the project will allow women to sunbathe in bikinis alongside men- (in complete violation of Islamic principles).

This prove that Saudi tyrants, described by the western media as head choppers, have gone mad in their drive to please their United States and Israeli masters, sworn enemies of Islam and Muslims, to protect their power and billions of dollars of investments in US robbed from the country’s wealth.

However, the predictions are that this ridiculous plan is unlikely to succeed.  The need of the hour is not bikini tourism but religious tourism. This is the land full of Islamic history and heritage. This should be made known to Muslims and non-Muslims alike   to educate people worldwide about rich Islamic history which is kept hidden from the world.

On the other hand, important centres of Islamic heritage are not the exclusive property of Saudi tyrants. It belongs to the entire Muslim ummah which remains disorganised and fast asleep. 

However, this was not something unexpected of Saudi rulers in view of their hostile records towards Islam and Muslims. The entire system of disgusting royal family with special powers, rights and privileges claiming ownership to the entire country including its brutalized people, treated as herd, is completely alien to Islam which liberated humanity from all forms of bondages more than 14 centuries ago.

It is worthy to note that several independent research works disclosed that the Saudi ruling family descended from a Jewish tribe in Madinah which caused immense hardships to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in spreading the message of Islam.

In the aftermath of the World War 11, British and French imperial powers which defeated Turkey’s Ottoman Empire and brought the Middle East under their control divided the region into nation states and installed degenerated secular Arab stooges in power. In the process Britain and Zionist Jews carefully screened, selected and installed Saud family in power in the holy land.

Saudi ruler  Salman awarding the country’s highest award and honouring US President Donald Trump,sworn enemey of  Islam and Muslims who banned Muslims from seven countries entering US and massacred Afghan and Syrian Muslims.

They were heavily bribed and armed by Britain and the Zionist Jews. Since the discovery of oil this family virtually became dependent and satellite of US which is ruled by pro-Israeli Jewish lobbies.

In turning to US, the Saudi regime has placed itself in an extremely delicate position where it needs to fulfil its deceptive obligations towards Islam and Muslims while maintaining relations with forces ruling the Christian West.

Therefore, paddling through these waters, without hurting either was no easy task, especially because of US destructive political and military designs against Muslim Middle East and elsewhere under the guise of fighting what it described as “War on Terror”.

Since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989, US-UK and Israel together with France, Russia and with the collaboration of Arab tyrants began bombing and destroying Muslim countries and killing Muslims. This began with Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria and continues unabated.

Thus, one after the Muslim countries were turned into graveyards with their infrastructure destroyed and innocent people massacred, uprooted and driven away from their homes. Saudi regime not only sided with US but financed most of these wars and paved the way for strengthening Israel’s foothold in the region.

In the midst Saudis’ stupid war on poverty stricken Yemeni Muslims not only killed around 18,000 innocent men, women, children and the aged but also turned the country into a grave yard.

Implementing the Israeli agenda against Islam, Saudi tyrants played decisive role spending billions to topple Islamic governments in Algeria, Egypt and even Hamas run Gaza strip which the Israelis bombed, destroyed infrastructure and killed around 8000 Palestinians.

Now it started to emerge that Israel and Saudi Arabia are two sides of the same anti-Muslim coin and the wars in the Middle East help Israel achieve its dream of Greater Israel covering regions in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and even parts of Egypt and Lebanon as planned by the Zionist. This was possible only because of Saudi treacherous collaboration with US-Israeli war mongers. 

Today the situation is such that the Saudi regime has entrusted security during the annual Hajj to an Israeli company drawing severe condemnation of from Imam Al Aqsa Masjid in Jerusalem Sheikh Ekrima Sa’ad Sabri.

This shameful dependence reached its pinnacle when Saudi ruler Salman awarded the nation’s highest award to US President Donald Trump, sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims, who officially banned people from seven Muslim countries to enter US and indiscriminately bombed and massacred Afghans and Syrians.

Added to this insult was the role played by Saudi’s mercenary mullahs who described Donald Trump’s meeting in Riyadh as” blessed summit”. This is the lowest depth to which the so called Saudi mullahs descended for survival. Saudi funded mullahs are   all over the world who preach Islam to suit Saudi agenda.

This was the worst ever humiliation   in the known history of Islam. The irony is that this very same ruler has declared himself the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah. The question   is how can such a   ruler claim to be the Custodian of Mosques in Makkah and Medina. Unfortunately, this is the reality in today’s world where Muslims were persecuted and killed worldwide only because they are Muslims.

Saudi rulers care a damn for Islam and Muslims. They   buy tyrants who rule   Arab and Muslim countries and continue their iron grip on the holy places with the support of US-UK-Europe and Israel.

Under Saudi laws, not Islamic laws, women were oppressed and were not even given their basic rights. This is the medieval tribal law and nothing to do with Islam which liberated women and given their rights and freedom what the so called modern   women in the west could not even dream of until middle of last century.

Unfortunately, pro Jewish and anti-Muslim western media distort the Saudi barbarity towards women as Islamic law to   demonise Islam to suit US led war agenda.      Saudi tyrants also distorted Islam by introducing their own version called Wahhabism.

It was under such circumstance comes the plan to establish a holiday resort allowing bikinis. There is nothing much the oppressed people could do other than crying their hearts out. With an aging ruler and a reckless crown prince asserting himself manipulated by USD and Israel it appears much more shocks to come. Only Allah knows what is in store for these tyrants and their Judeo-Christian war mongers. Ends

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