hinud fundamentalRenowned historian and author Ramachandra Guha on Thursday said that India needs to be more vigilant against the rising Hindu nationalism. Speaking at the opening session of five-day literary festival `Spring Fever` late on Tuesday here, Guha said the country has witnessed rise in Hindu nationalism post-Partition and during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

up muslimsJianagla, a village 70 km from Bareilly, India, is in the grip of tension ever since posters sprang up at more than two dozen places in the area ordering its Muslim residents to "leave immediately". The message, in Hindi, said that "with BJP in power in Uttar Pradesh Hindus of the village would do what US president Trump was doing to Muslims in that country".

The posters have turned up days after the BJP won a massive majority in the state. "What Trump is doing in America, we will do in this village because the BJP is now in power," the posters said, giving Muslims of Jianagla time till the end of the year to leave. The posters are signed by "Hindus of the village", under "guardian" is the name of a BJP MP.

babri masjid1The sites were levelled and water was sprinkled on the ground to make sure that no traces of the gravestones were left.

I was a kar sevak before the controversial structure of the Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid was demolished in Ayodhya way back in 1992.

Armed with a letter of introduction from a member of the Delhi unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party, I had wormed my way into the ranks of the kar sevaks at Ayodhya.

kashmirKashmir mysteriously became a part of the newly created state of Jammu and Kashmir through the ‘Treaty of Amritsar’ on 16th March 1846, signed between the British and Dogra Raja Gulab Singh. The whole valley and its two million souls were sold in lieu of a paltry sum of 75 lakh rupees (nanakshahi). Strangely enough, the wholesale sordid transaction of Kashmiris was ratified at a place hundreds of miles away from Kashmir and without consulting a single Kashmiri native by the two parties. Prem Nath Bazaz remarks that it was ‘a sordid shameful affair devoid of all sense of fairness, justice and equity’. The people unpleasantly got shocked because the whole valley was sold to a person who was completely stranger and alien to its people. The valley and its population was sold in a manner worse than that of slaves.

madrasasDigvijay Singh’s tweet ‘Madrasas and Saraswati Shishu mandirs (SSM), both spread hate’ (Feb. 23) has evoked a lot of response from diverse sections. On one hand, Muslim groups have taken him on for demonization of madrasas, and on the other, RSS supporters have come out attesting the utility of SSM and criticizing him for comparing SSM with madrasas which are ‘dens of terror’ according them.

The demonization of madrasas worldwide began particularly after the 9/11 2001, when US media propagated the phrase ‘Islamic Terrorism’. This was the time when the role of Taliban-Al-Qaeda, trained in madrasas of Pakistan came to the fore.