Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian People observes An Nakba

Marking the forceful eviction of Palestinians from their homes and lands

Palestinians worldwide observe May 15 as “An NAQBA”, meaning “catastrophe”, to mark their forceful eviction from their homes and lands by the Zionist Jewish terror gangs who arrived from Europe and Russia to set up a Jewish racist state on Palestinian lands.

In the aftermath of World War 1, after the collapse of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire, the Middle East was brought under British and French colonial powers. Palestine, where Palestinians were 96 percent and 4 percent Jews, were brought under British Mandatory power.

British colonial power and the Zionist Jews conspired to kick out Palestinians from their lands and set up a racist Jewish state of Israel there. Jewish terror gangs Irgun and Haganah led by terrorist Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, with the connivance of British rulers, began massacring Palestinians to force them to flee their lands.

Jewish terror gangs were led by Menachem Begin and Yitzhak, god fathers of terrorism in the Middle East, who later became prime ministers of Israel. Menachem Begin was even awarded coveted Nobel Prize while helpless Palestinians remain portrayed as terrorists.

Two of the early massacres were Deir Yassin and Kafr Kassim.

While the Jews were allowed to possess weapons, the British authority tied Palestinians to lamp posts, shot and killed for possessing even a pen knife. That was the support given by British colonial power to Zionist terrorists.

Unable to face Zionist terror, around 700,000 Palestinians left their lands and homes for safety to neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria and to West Bank and Gaza. Israelis with the in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria while Arab dictators watched.

To Palestinians, the Nakba is a collective tragedy whose wounds have yet to heal 72 years later today. It is not just the destruction of at least 436 villages or the forced displacement of Palestinians, but of ethnic cleansing.

The an-Nakba was commemorated since May 15, 1948 as a day of international solidarity with Palestinians.

Israeli’s Jewish only colonization continues unabated in occupied West Bank where these settlements are to be annexed in the way Israel annexed occupied Golan Heights and Jerusalem with the support of the United States where governments are made and unmade by Zionists lobbies. In a move to reward aggression and crime, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeii is in Israel to mark Israeli annexation of occupied West Bank.

Israel today’s remains the symbol of evil, crime, injustice and barbarity threatening peace in the Middle East and the world. Unfortunate Palestinians remain abandoned even by Arab dictators who maintain open and secret ties with Israel to please their US masters and ensure their political survival.

However to Mark An Naqba the Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian People continue to support the Palestinian struggle to return home, freedom and dignity.

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