Maithripala2President Maithripla Sirisena’s Friday 24 March 2017 gazette notification, declaring nearly 100,000 acre lands adjacent to Wilpattu National Park as “  forest reserve”   has not surprised anyone as he has been pampering the very Sinhala racists whom he pledged to contain.

In fact this has been racists wish and President Maithri has fulfilled it.

Muslims in the area fear that this Gazette covers their lands too.

sl muslimsTheology is defined as 'the study of religious faith, practice, and experience'. A theologian is defined as 'a person who engages or is an expert in theology'. The ACJU describes itself as 'the apex religious body of Islamic Theologians that provides religious and community leadership to the Sri Lankan Muslim Community'. Moreover, the ACJU prides itself as consisting of 'Islamic Scholars most of whom are holders of doctorates, special degrees, master's degree or 1st degrees'. The arabic word 'Alim' means 'Scholar', while the term 'Ulema' is the plural form of this word.

pak hig 0commHigh Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka Maj. Gen. (R) Syed Shakeel Hussain has said that Pakistan and Sri Lanka are located at two global strategic junctions on the land and maritime silk route respectively that had always been the meeting places of global civilizations, trade and cultures. The importance of both countries has increased tremendously in modern times for promoting cultural, civilizational and trade dialogue among the nations of the world, he emphasized.

Hilmy AhamedA Tamil saying goes thus “Stealing the neighbour’s chicken for the mother’s almsgiving“.

President Sirisena in his total betrayal of the Muslims did just that with one stroke of his pen from Moscow on 24th March, 2017, when he signed the gazette notification declaring Mavillu, Weppal, Karadikkuli, Marichchikadi and Vilaththikulam forests as Mawillu Forest Reserve under 3A of the Forest Conservation Ordinance. He satisfies his ego and is pampering to extremist Buddhists by taking over Muslim agricultural lands, which have belonged to them for generations.

corruptionCorruption and consequent sufferings of masses is what makes new governments to come and old governments to go out of power in a democracy. Corruption is a growing phenomenon in Sri Lanka that no governments have come to grips with it to control. Even the Yahapalanaya government has miserably failed to fulfil the promise to end corruption. Contrary to this, emergence of Yahapalanaya Government itself is alleged to be a by-product of corruption.

Discernibly, Yahapalanaya is used as a unique selling proposition (USP) to grab power from Mahinda Rajapaksa to be replaced by another corrupt clique. Corruption has got entrenched in all affairs of Sri Lankan life from priests to parliamentarians, from the religious to social to political leadership.