corruptionCorruption and consequent sufferings of masses is what makes new governments to come and old governments to go out of power in a democracy. Corruption is a growing phenomenon in Sri Lanka that no governments have come to grips with it to control. Even the Yahapalanaya government has miserably failed to fulfil the promise to end corruption. Contrary to this, emergence of Yahapalanaya Government itself is alleged to be a by-product of corruption.

Discernibly, Yahapalanaya is used as a unique selling proposition (USP) to grab power from Mahinda Rajapaksa to be replaced by another corrupt clique. Corruption has got entrenched in all affairs of Sri Lankan life from priests to parliamentarians, from the religious to social to political leadership.

muslim womenThe anti- reformist sections within the Muslim community, in relation to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA), allege that the “Muslim feminists are stirring issues” “asking for all sorts of things”, “making a mountain out of a molehill”, “want to change the Shariah“, and other accusations. They also allege that the Muslim feminists have made it so detrimental to the point of no return that all that is left is “damage control”.

They fail to understand that the reform conversation did not just begin with the so called “Muslim feminists”. The call for reform and these conversations began over 50 years ago, with many movements and groups advocating for reforms and also with many committees appointed by successive governments albeit yielding no consequences.

Maithripala2Politicians are a peculiar lot. They think no end of themselves and never own up to their lapses. Of them, one may say, with apologies to Bernard Shaw, those who can, do, and those who can’t, bash the media. Politicians who are capable of living up to people’s expectations can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Hence, we often have most of those at the levers of power venting their spleens on journalists to cover up their failures which are legion.

Yahapalana leaders seem to believe in their own false propaganda. Having failed to make good on their election promises, they are now trying to have the frustrated public believe that the situation is peachy-keen, but the media are all out to paint a bleak picture of it.

MosqueTourI would like to share some images taken today at the RED Masjid in 2nd Cross Street where brother Mohamed Jaleel had headed a team and taken a delegation of Americans visiting Sri Lanka, which included the Rev. Pat Conray, chaplain of the US House of Representatives and the spouses of visiting US congressmen.

This is an ideal platform to clear misconception on islam. Alhumduillah

Hope this effort will open up our doors for all other communities and embrace them into the light if Islam which has been over shadowed with misconceptions.

ranil maithriA year ago a contractor whom I spoke to rejoiced that corruption was much reduced under the new government.  He said that the minister in charge of his area of work had merely asked for a donation to be made to support a public institution.  Though this donation had nothing to do with the contract, he was happy to oblige, as it was for a public cause and not for the minister’s personal pocket.  When I met this same contractor last week he was a disillusioned man. 

He said that business was good, but that corruption had gone sky high, and there was no limit to what was now demanded.  Although perhaps still less than it was under the previous government, corruption is on the rise and is likely to get worse unless government policy changes and there is the political will to implement it right from the top.