chilcot reportby Latheef Farook : 

lf daily mirrorAfter losing more than two dozen elections the United National Party, UNP, was voted to power last year. The entire Muslim community voted for UNP to free themselves from the post-war persecution of Muslims by the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

However dismissing Muslim sentiments the UNP led coalition aligned itself, virtually unconditionally with the United States led British, French and Israeli   neo con war mongers who have unleashed, world-wide a barbaric war against Islam and Muslims, destroyed several Muslim countries, killed millions of Muslims, forcing out millions of them into refugee camps and to cross the mighty oceans facing death for hundreds of them in deep waters and the rest finally ending up in European streets as beggars.

bbs gnanaby Latheeff Farook  :

lf daily mirrorMuslim community which voted for President Maithripala Sirisena’s government as a whole is beginning to feel insulted due to government’s indifference to rising threats and derogatory statements by racist elements.

Muslims in general expect the government to enforce law and deal with those who are hell bent on provoking them to react to justify an Aluthgama type island wide attack.