israel MR 001Israeli presence may harm the existing ties within the communities and further complicate the ethnic conflict.

Few decades ago when Israel celebrated its “Independence Day”, in secrecy   in Colombo, veteran leftist politician Sarath Muttetuwegama asked in the parliament” what audacity Israel, international pariah, got to celebrate its sham of independence in a respected third world capital like Colombo.

lf photoThis was in response to my article on Maithri’s gazette on lands adjacent to Wilpattu National Park appeared in the Island on 10 April 2017. Five days later I sent my response to this. However my response was not published.This is the state of affairs in the mainstream media in Sri Lanka.

Here are the two articles for those who are interested. Latheef Farook

This is in response to the news item- ‘Maithri’s gazette on lands adjacent to Wilpattu National Park’, in the Opinion page of The Island of 10th April, 2017, by Latheef Farook.

muslim wifeWhile emphasizing the need to enhance the social status of Muslim women in particular, the Kandy Forum has proposes changes in the areas of minimum age for marriage, consent of the bride, polygamy, mahar and dowry, divorce, maintenance and exclusion of women as administrative officers in the controversial Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA).

In a statement signed by Prof. M A Nuhman, Prof. S H Hasbullah, Prof. M A M Sitheeque, M M. Niyas,, Prof. M S M Anes, J MMubarak, Dr. M Z M Nafeel, Dr. A S M Nawfhal, Dr. A L M Mahroof, J M Niwas and U M Fazil said,

saleem marsoofAbout five years ago in an article I emphasized the need to reorganize the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulema, ACJU, to suit the need of the time. As expected the clueless community remained indifferent.

However following the Colombo Telegraph article last month on ACJU’s statement that women are not equal to men and defending marriage before puberty has triggered a campaign calling for complete overhauling of ACJU with genuine scholars.

mannar mosqueThe actors were the so-called 'Environmentalists'. Their hyperbolic claim was the 'Rape of the Wilpattu forest'. The outcome was Mawillu being Gazetted as a Conservation Reserve Forest.

Neither has a single alleged offender been apprehended nor have the 'environmentalists' substantiated their claims. Much to their embarrassment, President Maithripala Sirisena later confirmed to the nation that there is no deforestation taking place within the Wilpattu Forest Complex.