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Muslim population worldwide constitute, as per numerous reports, is around 1.62 billion of the more than six billion of the total world population.

The African continent has the highest Muslim population   compared to the other regions. There are more than 55 countries having Muslim population. However there are around ten countries with   majority Muslim population such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt. Others are small countries like Qatar and Djibouti.

No majority Muslim state exists in Europe or the Americas.  Islam serves as the sole common binding factor among diverse inhabitants. It is a source of faith and significant foundation of social identity and community relations.  Almost all of these Muslim states emerged during the past few decades from European colonial rule.

Due to long period of European colonial rule  governments  in almost  all these   countries are directly or indirectly made and unmade  and controlled  by   western  colonial powers first by  Britain, France, Russia and lately United States and  their collaborator Israel to suit their  agendas  -often hostile towards Islam and Muslims.

For example the entire Middle East is controlled by the four powers (US, Britain, France and Russia) together with the Israel –an extremely hostile entity planted by the four powers in violation of all laws to destabilise Muslim Middle East.

The Middle East which was under the control of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire was brought under British and France control in the aftermath of the World War 1.   Under a secret pact known as Sykes-Picot Agreement signed on 23 November 1915 Middle East was divided into small states. Both Britain and France carefully screened and selected Arab stooges and placed them in power in the states under their control.

This was the worst ever western conspiracy from which the Middle East suffers even today.

Since then the Middle East has been ruled by these dictators shamelessly implementing the evil colonial masters’ agendas against Islam and their own people. This includes the regime in Saudi Arabia, birth place of Islam, which depends of US and now Israel for its survival.

No Muslim country in the Middle East could think of freedom and democracy.

For example after more than sixty years Egyptians elected Mohamed Morsi as their president. However Israel, US and its European collaborators got their stooges in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to spend eleven billion dollars to topple President Mohamed Morsi’s regime and install a military dictator Abdul Fattah Al Sisi who is obediently serving Israel and the West.

This disastrous situation continues to date.

In the case of large African continent Muslims live in almost every   country though   Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya ,Sudan, Somalia, Niger, Mauritania, Libya, Guinea, Gambia and Djibouti remain predominantly Muslim countries .

In Africa too most of the countries, including the mainly Muslims countries, were brought under French control during the time when European colonialism was expanding all over.

After World War 11 one after the other most of these countries became independent while their political and economic fate tied to their colonial master mainly France. Thus after independence too French government maintained control over these countries and continued to loot their resources.

All leaders who were groomed to take over the political leadership after European colonial master left were allowed to continue in power .However those leaders   who asserted their newly won independent, dignity and tried to use the their countries’ resources to improve their people’s economic conditions were over thrown in military coups and installed regimes which would allow the colonials master to continue their plunder.

This policy continues to date.

For example Algeria, the North African Muslim nation, was conquered by France in 1830. Algerians began their freedom struggle in 1954 and gained independence in 1962. During the freedom struggle, French military and their allied militia killed up to one million Algerians. Assassinations, torture, rape and other such crimes against humanity were common place.

In the 1991 Parliamentary elections Islamic party FIS which mixed Islam and with politics won 188 seats outright, and thus Algerians gave a massive mandate.

But the military leaders, alarmed by the landslide victory of FIS, were quick to stage military coup and   suppress the democracy movement.  When the people rose up they were brutally killed and crushed. The first country to recognise the military anti-Islamic dictatorship was Saudi Arabia which has proved time and again its hostility towards Islam and Islamic movements.

Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia admitted   in March 2006 of government forces killing 17,000 Islamic activists during the 1990s though he did not say who was responsible for the killing of more than 180,000 civilians in the conflict. Those Islamic activists killed were the cream of the Islamic force which tried to establish an Islamic state based on Shariah law through means of Western democracy.

Meanwhile the vast and beautiful region of Central Asia comprising largely Muslim states of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, renowned for its famous silk route cities of Bukhara and Samarkand where Islamic civilization flourished once, is probably the most obscure area of the world.

For over a century, Central Asia was ruled first by the Tsars of Russia, followed by the Soviet Union until its collapse in 1991. The overall strategy of   Soviet Union was to keep the entire Central Asia undeveloped and away from world attention. Despite the collapse of the Soviets and the subsequent changes in the international political and economic scenes, the situation remains almost unchanged in Central Asia.

As a result, the world knows little about this region, its people and their problems despite their vast untapped resources and ancient history and culture. The people in Central Asia who remained ignorant of the changes in the rest of the world are now beginning to realise that there is another world away from their mountainous regions as they begin to journey around with travel restrictions being eased since the collapse of Soviet Union.

In fact, wiping out Islam in all its forms was one of the main cornerstones of the policy of Soviet Union which divided Central Asia into Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

In the post-Soviet era, all East European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia were free to decide their destiny while East Germany united with West Germany.  With lightning speed some of these countries were also admitted to NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – the most powerful military organisation in the world since World War II.

But Central Asian Republics were not given the same generous treatment by Russia. Instead, these republics were allowed to reel under oppressive   former Communist regimes with close links to Russia which continues their own plans on this region.

As part of this undeclared strategy, all Central Asian republics were quickly brought under Russia’s wing through an umbrella organisation called the Commonwealth of Central Asian States, CIS. Therefore, the disintegration of the Soviet Union did not bring any significant economic or political relief to the people in Central Asia. Instead, worse-than-Soviet-era type of oppression continues while economic conditions   deteriorate in all these states.

Muslim state of Chechenia declared its independence from Russia in November 1991.

Russian forces bombed causing horrific scenes of death and destruction. Chechens fought back. Some analysts described Russia’s two-year invasion as one of the worst military engagements of the 20th century with some of the most savage depictions of war. Unable to either crush or contain Chechen fighters, then Russian President Boris Yeltsin was forced into a humiliating peace deal in August 1996, under which Russian forces withdrew, leaving behind more than 100,000 of their soldiers dead and the country reduced to rubble.

Under the ceasefire agreement signed on 12 May 1997 by Yeltsin and the Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, the two sides agreed to renounce use of force or the threat of force in resolving disputes, and to conduct relations within the framework of international law. Since the war ended, the Chechen President and his government constantly tried to initiate a dialogue with Russia to discuss almost every issue including a peaceful solution to the Chechen conflict. But Russia refused.

 Instead employing Russia’s military might and deadliest of weapons on frightened people, Russia once again began to carpet-bomb, indiscriminately destroy the infrastructure and massacred people. Within weeks the world began to wake up to the true face of Russia’s scorched earth policy of emptying Chechnya of its people, under what was admitted by a Russian general, as a meticulously planned military campaign long before the explosions at the apartment buildings.

Thus the entire Muslim world remains under the iron grip of US, British, French Russian and Israeli control though they  seems to be free to the outside world.